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Help Develop Consensus Industry Standards on Automation

Join the world's leading experts on automation technology and applications in developing consensus industry standards. All you need is:

  • knowledge about the subject area
  • willingness to contribute time and expertise 
  • an ability to work in a collegial and consensus environment.

Most committees conduct much of their work online or through conference calls. There is no charge for committee participation, and you are not required to be an ISA member.

ISA standards committees have two membership types:

  • Voting Members are responsible for voting and commenting on standards and administrative actions and attend as many meetings as possible. Is traveling to meetings a problem? By keeping in contact with the committee and the chairperson and returning ballots on a regular basis, you may still be approved to be an active voting member.
  • Information Members receive committee news, may comment on standards—without a formal vote—and may attend committee meetings.

The committee and the chair will evaluate your qualifications and the committee balance needs (between six categories including suppliers, users, and generalists) before determining your membership type. Only one voting member from a company may participate, but another employee may be designated as the alternate voter, and others may join as information members.

Would you like to join a committee? If so, please complete the form at the bottom of the Join a Standard Committee page.

Propose a New ISA Standard

Do you see an area where standards could be improved or are nonexistent? ISA welcomes suggestions for new consensus industry standards. ISA strives to be on the forefront in standards advancement. Our development process ensures balanced input from a variety of contributors. No single company dominates and everyone's point of view is given fair and considered hearing. Consensus documents can be developed quickly as technical reports or as standards through a more thorough review process. In either case, the document is developed within ISA's ANSI-accredited process with the result being respected and widely used by industry.

Please complete our ISA standards development project proposal form. Your proposal will be given prompt consideration. To discuss your idea or for help in completing the information, please contact Charley Robinson, Director of ISA Standards Administration, at 919-990-9213 or ISA Standards.

Committee Tools

Committee tools are provided to assist standards committee officers and members administer committees, subcommittees, and working groups; write and edit standards and technical reports; and adhere to ISA and ANSI procedural guidelines.