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The ISA Automation Project Management (APM) Specialist certificate program was developed by leading automation project managers from around the world. By leveraging their combined experience, this program offers real-world, practical lessons that you can apply to your job today.

This program was designed to specially address the unique and complex challenges of automation and process control projects, including:

  • Integration of multiple engineering disciplines (software, computer systems, networks, and instrumentation)
  • High dependency on user requirements of disciplines outside of automation
  • Integration of requirements from many areas (business, engineering, safety, environmental)
  • Delays in other project areas that propagate over to the automation area
  • New technology or technology constraints

The program is well-suited for project managers who need to understand how to execute automation projects effectively. It is also ideal for automation professionals who need to gain an understanding of core project management principles.

Earning the APM certificate will provide you with the Automation Project Management Specialist badge, which can be easily shared via social media with your employer and/or professional network.


APM Specialist Certificate Requirements

There are no required prerequisites or applications for this program. To earn the APM Specialist certificate, you must successfully complete the Automation Project Management course and pass the multiple-choice exam. Choose one of the following formats:

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