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InTech magazine is now available on, the ISA publishing subsidiary. Looking for magazine archives from August 2023 and earlier? Browse the InTech archives below.

ISA members may also visit Pub Hub, which offers InTech magazine archives alongside a wealth of technical information including ISA standards, technical reports, and more.

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InTech Magazine

InTech Magazine

InTech magazine ebook covers technical topics for both continuous process and discrete manufacturing professionals including IIoT, smart instrumentation, physical and process safety, and control systems.
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InTech Plus Newsletter

InTech Plus newsletters combine the strength of the InTech brand with the reach of Each issue includes InTech articles, automation basics, and whitepaper resources.
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InTech magazine digital and InTech Plus newsletter provide the most thought-provoking, in-depth and credible coverage of automation technologies, applications and strategies to help automation professionals succeed. Written for engineers, managers and other automation decision makers, the InTech family of publications delivers practical solutions to automation professionals' on-the-job challenges.


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